Convert Grams to Tablespoon

When we try our hands on any recipe, we seem a bit confused because we don’t know How many and how to convert grams to tablespoon? In the kitchen, there are several measuring units which we use while we are cooking. And to measure the exact quantity, we need to know about the two primary units: grams and tablespoons. Here we also learn about How to convert grams to tablespoons? The answer to this question is fundamental. It will help in measuring the precise quantity of the ingredients. First, we will learn about what is grams and tablespoons.
Convert Grams to Tablespoon

Key points for Converting Grams to Tablespoon

  1. Gram is a unit of mass.
  2. A tablespoon is a unit of volume.
  3. No standard measurement is available. The conversion depends upon the type of ingredient.

What is Grams?

Gram is a unit generally used to measure the weight of smaller quantities. How many grams are in a tablespoon? This question is answered after knowing all about grams. The gram is a unit of mass, a sub uni or derived unit of the kilogram. We use the abbreviation ‘g’ to denote the unit gram. We will learn the conversions of grams to tablespoons(tbsp).
How to convert Grams to Tablespoon

What is Tablespoon?

A tablespoon is a unit we use to measure the volume of different ingredients. How many grams are in a tablespoon? It is only known to us when we fully understand the unit of volume tablespoon. The tablespoon is simply denoted by writing ‘tbsp’, ‘T’ and ‘TP’. One tablespoon is equal to three teaspoons. And US tablespoon is equal to 14.8. millilitre.

How to convert grams to tablespoons?

When we convert the unit grams to a tablespoon, here is a little thing which must be known to everyone because it will also help us to know How to convert grams to tablespoons? Every ingredient has a different measurement for different elements or components. For example, these components or ingredients are flour, sugar, honey, and cream. It is because the unit gram is a unit of weight and a unit tablespoon is a unit of volume.

Hence it is clear that e conversion of grams depends upon the ingredient we use. So, here we will learn about the different elements we use and learn the conversion process.

  1. There is 12.6 grams of sugar in one tablespoon.
  2. There is 21 grams of honey in one tablespoon.
  3. There is 14.79 grams of water in one tablespoon.
  4. There is 14.9 grams of butter in one tablespoon.
  5. There is 7.83 grams of flour in one tablespoon.

We know that 1 tbsp = gram /15.

Convert 30 grams to tablespoons.
tbsp = gram / 15
= 30/15
= 2 tbsp

Convert 17 grams to a tablespoons.
tbsp = gram / 15
= 17/15
= 1.13333 tbsp

Convert 40g to tbsp
tbsp = gram / 15
= 40/15
= 2.6666 tbsp


This calculator will help to find out the exact results of the conversion and convert grams to tablespoon. Keep learning and keep practising. “Happy Learning To You”.